Electrolysis is the only truly permanent hair removal method. It is safe and effective-- the only permanent treatment that is recognized by the FDA. Electrolysis delivers low-level electrical currents with precision to the core of the hair follicle (or derma papilla). This allows thermal heat to cauterize the follicle. The hair is then removed (or epilated) using sterile tweezers. The pain level associated with Electrolysis varies between treatment areas; schedule a free consultation with Caroline to discuss treatment length, frequency, and pain level. Topical analgesic, 5% Lidocane, is available in-office.

Women, Men, and teens. Electrolysis by Caroline welcomes Trans individuals and those in transition.

Electrolysis is effective permanent hair removal for clients of all hair colors, textures, and thicknesses; skin tones; and ages. Common treatment areas include face (upper lip, chin, jaw, neck, and eyebrows), underarms, chest (male and female), back, belly, fingers, toes, and bikini area.