See what clients say about Electrolysis by Caroline

I cannot say enough AMAZING things about Caroline!! I love her!! I have been going to Caroline on and off for a few years and the results are amazing. She is very knowledgeable and makes the process as pleasant as possible. Caroline is the guru at hair removal. I initially only wanted to remove my facial hair but as the treatment got close to the end I was not ready to let go of Caroline so I had her work on my armpits and full arms.
Her new office is great, scheduling is flexible and pricing is very reasonable.
— Rosie Q., client for 2.5 years
Caroline is wonderful. I have had electrolysis over the decades and it is not easy to find a good practitioner. Caroline removes the hairs in a pattern that keeps pain to a minimum, and my skin is never burned. And Caroline is so pleasant; I actually look forward to my sessions with her. I am glad she moved to Belmont as it is an even more convenient location for me!
— Nicole E., client for 1 year
Caroline is great! I’ve been seeing her for a couple years now. I first started seeing her in Menlo Park and was happy to follow her to Belmont. The results are great. She’s wonderful to be with, which is nice when you’re experiencing some pain. She does a good job at being as painless as possible. Anyone who’s had Electrolysis knows it’s not the easiest thing. But she is a doll. She’s deep and always enjoy our conversations!
— Nina K., client for 2.5 years
Love Caroline! I first started seeing her when she was in Menlo Park, CA but she is now in Belmont, CA and of course followed her even though it is a bit further for me. So worth it! I have the worst tolerance for pain and she does it with NO pain. I have tried a few other electrolysis but she makes easy and pain free. She does an excellent job (coming from someone who notices if something is missing). Her place of business is clean, professional atmosphere and she is the sweetest person to talk to when we I go to see her. I HIGHLY recommend her! Very flexible schedule which is ideal for me!
— Jenny C., client for 1 year
Caroline is amazing! She is very professional. If you have facial hair, electrolysis is very effective. Caroline is fun, artistic and has a great vibe. So the procedure itself very pleasant!
— Nicole O., client for 9 months
I have been going for electrolysis for quite some time but it wasn’t until I started going to Caroline that I saw great results. I have a very low threshold for pain and would usually be counting down the minutes until my session would be over. However, Caroline works in a manner that makes the session painless. She has a quick and gentle touch. My face is also a sensitive area and in the past was left with red bumps and some scabbing. Caroline knows my skin so well and how to use just the right level of intensity to do the job to the follicle but yet not cause any irritation.
I have since moved out of the Bay Area but still continue to see her when I fly up from LA - She is that good!!! Since I am out of the area, she is always able to work around my schedule to get me an appointment. That is so huge! Of course, she also has a wonderful personality and with good conversation, my session goes by so fast that I no longer count my minutes!
— Ms. B., client for 1.5 years